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We are all whether by nature (or by a desire to keep up with the Internet Joneses) social animals. You can keep in touch or just follow me (no judgment) by using one of the following social networking platforms.


I scream. You scream. We all scream whatever happens to be bothering us at any particular time thanks to Twitter. Follow me on Twitter if arguments about politics, movies or TV haven't made you leave the platform yet.


Take Facebook. Remove all the links to Buzzfeed quizzes. Replace those with articles you can read at the office without feeling that you're wasting company time. You now have Social Networking's responsible older sibling LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn for Serious Business.


What would you have if you took Twitter, but instead of communicating via 280 characters, you get 480,000‬ pixels (for static images). Follow me on Dribbble to see what happens when my creative side strikes.